Intellectual Property Services

safe-msoAs the speed, quantity and quality of innovation continues to transform global industry, intellectual property has quickly become a highly valuable business asset, capable of both defending products and R&D investments and creating significant commercial value and strategic opportunity. SummitPoint Management has significant experience providing a broad range of intellectual property management services to help clients improve processes and practices across the entire intellectual property lifecycle including the creation, acquisition, protection, management and extraction of value from intellectual assets.

Our multifunctional and flexible staffing approach shapes talent and customizes resources around our client’s unique business circumstances. We bring the right combination of legal, financial, technical, valuation, licensing, negotiation and industry specialists to each project. Our senior-level professionals have been deeply engaged in the development, use, transfer, marketing and management of intellectual property throughout their careers and are highly experienced and credentialed within their specific value chain element.

Our IP Acquisition, Licensing and Management Services

IP Acquisition

Companies have the opportunity to acquire technology and innovation that will interoperate with its existing products, add features to products and speed development, differentiate its business with unique breakthroughs, leverage brand identity and create cash flows. SummitPoint Management assists clients define their technology needs, identify potential solution spaces, screen targets, perform valuations, conduct analysis and due diligence, price and structure deals, negotiate and close business transactions involving intellectual property.

Licensing and Management

Intellectual property is perhaps the most important asset of any modern enterprise. Proper portfolio management and program vigilance is critical to enjoying the full value of intellectual property and a key enabler toward enhancing shareholder value and achieving both strategic leverage and competitive advantage. SummitPoint Management assists clients evaluate, protect, license, commercialize, monitor and maintain their intellectual property on an ongoing basis.