Energy and Utilities

energy-imageOver the past few years, the utility industry has experienced more than 400 mergers and acquisitions with a total transaction value of over $100 billion. Much of this activity reflects an influx of non-utility players, such as venture capitalists, private equity, and institutional investors into the energy marketplace. The good news is that utility assets and energy-related technologies are in demand.

At the same time, however, many new entrants lack the expertise to handle the myriad of complexities associated with the energy and utility industries. They are unable to recognize or account for risks inherent in utility operations and processes during the due diligence and integration phases of these transactions. The bad news is that without effective financial and operations due diligence, most of these mergers and acquisitions are doomed to failure.

SummitPoint Management provides deep industry intelligence and comprehensive financial and operations expertise to help all stakeholders in energy and utility transactions mitigate risks and ensure successful mergers and acquisitions. Our experienced professionals help firms assess investment risks, enhance business value, optimize integration, and improve performance for energy and utility enterprises.

We have led successful initiatives across a broad and diverse cross section within the energy industry, including (but not limited to):

  • Small and large transmission and distribution electric utilities
  • Fossil, hydro, nuclear, and alternative generation
  • Co-generation
  • Gas exploration, transmission, and distribution
  • Power trading
  • Co-ops and associations
  • Independent power producers

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