Our Approach

The SummitPoint Management team delivers a highly disciplined, data-driven, and issues-focused approach to M&A due diligence designed to assess the risks and opportunities of a proposed transaction, identify opportunities for value creation and reduce the likelihood of post-transaction surprises.

SummitPoint Management reaches into its deep stable of dedicated M&A practitioners to assemble a hand-picked team of professionals whose talents and experience are relevant to the unique needs of each deal. Our multifunctional and flexible approach teams these professionals with operations, industry and technical specialists to help provide answers and advice toward mitigating risk and maximizing return. We recognize your business needs and will ensure seamless coordination with your other advisors.

Clients benefit from the same intensive data gathering, robust analysis and insightful conclusions regardless of the size, industry and geographies of the target. We can help provide the objectivity, the granularity, the bandwidth and the access to information you need for a sound investment decision and to achieve a successful post-close integration.